Watch Man ‘Turns Dog’ In TB Joshua’s Church

Watch Man ‘Turns Dog’ In TB Joshua’s Church

A bizarre video from Pastor TB Joshua’s television station, Emmanuel TV, in which a man is behaving like a dog has emerged.

In the bizarre and suspicious video uploaded by Joshua’s official YouTube channel Emmanuel TV, the man who said he is Liberian, and gave his name as Alexander Johnson, explained that his problems began after he was sexually molested by a mad woman at aged six.

Johnson said since he was molested at childhood, he grew up lusting after women, and engaging in evil deeds.

According to the video description, “The demon within this young Liberian man is shockingly exposed, the entirety of his features contorting to the resemblance, movement and eerie sounds of a wild dog.”

On several occasions, Pastor Joshua has released controversial video of his church activities on YouTube.

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