Wasiu Ayinde accused of illicit wealth acquisition as Barrister’s fans attack him

Wasiu Ayinde accused of illicit wealth acquisition as Barrister’s fans attack him

The attack on King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, KWAM 1, by fans of late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister following his comment on the creator of Fuji genre music has continued unabated.

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KWAM 1 at an entertainment roundtable session in Lagos organised by Goldberg had dismissed the suggestion that late Barrister was the creator of Fuji saying the deceased only made it popular.

He took some flak from fans of Barrister including one Elder Dayo Odeyemi, who claimed to be spokesperson of the late Fuji maestro in a statement.

“I should make it clear that Wasui Ayinde who is claiming to know much about Fuji joined Barrister organization in 1974 after uncompleting secondary school education at Ansarudeen High School, Ijebu Isiwo.

“As at 1974 Barrister had released 19 (nineteen) solid records including (2) two singles and one extended play. By calculation, if we subtract 1967 when Barister released his first Fuji record titled Waya Rabi from 1974 when Wasui joined his organization as a packer, the gap is 7 years meaning Fuji music is 7 years older than Wasui Ayinde alias K 1 who is now trying to tell the story of what he knew nothing about,” Elder Odeyemi said.

Another fan, who simply identified himself as Nubian in a social media post says KWAM 1’s income is more than what he earns from music.

Nubian wrote, “It beats my imagination when I hear or read about or see the level of hatred that Wasiu Ayinde reserves for his late teacher, mentor and benefactor! If it wasn’t by the grace of God for Alhaji Ayinde Barrister to have taken this guy, Wasiu, in, I am 100% sure that the ungrateful bastard from Ijebu would have become a thug or tout or even an armed robber! Just imagine! A man took you in at the age of 6 or 8 years — practically a baby! You grew up as a nobody in his household.

“The man taught you music and even gave you employment as a “road manager,” which is nothing but a glorified nomenclature for an instrument packer! But you did nothing but hate the man throughout his life and still continue after his demise. Why? Wasiu needs to come out into the open and tell the world what really informed this opprobrious hatred of him toward his his boss! Wasiu, you’re nothing but an ingrate and a jealous bitch!

“The man, Ayinde Barrister, doesn’t deserve all the mudslinging and jealousy with which you’re meting out to him! Wasiu, let me remind you, bitch! Your first album was in 1981, which you used to inject yourself into the raging fight between between Ayinde Barrister and the other ungrateful and and equally dindinrin n din robo Kwaran fool, Kolingnton Ayinla! In that album, you insulted Kollington and the guitar-playing Fuji crooner from Ijaye, Egba land, called Agbada Owo.

“You used the album to pay homage to Ebenezer Obey, Sunny Ade, and Ayinde Barrister. Also, you gave salutes to some of your seniors in the Fuji house Iyanda Sawaba Ewenla and Ayinde Ganiyu Bokuote among others. Now, this is the crux of the matter — in the said album — you plainly spelt it out that Sikiru Ayinde Barrister was the Fuji Creator!

“That was in 1981! Why are you now running from pillar to posts attempting to dismantle the man’s LEGACY? What did Barrister do to you to engender your hatred of him? Did he abuse you as a child under him? I’m really serious — you need to tell the world what your problem is. You complained that you were not only a packer in Ayinde Barrister’s organization but that you SERVED him like a slave! Is that hat why you hated and continue to hate him?

“Tell us, so we can say sorry to you on his behalf for “serving him like a slave.” Given the fact that this man is dead and gone, all this bullcrap you’re spewing can’t redeem you. You’re not respected by most of the Fuji boys out there. Look at yourself– despite all your gragra and illicit wealth acquisition via your connections with corrupt political elite — you’re left with no followers among the Fuji singers! It’s only the traitor boy in Ibadan, Taye Currency, that does “eye service” for you. You’re still jealous that Barrister continues to grow more popular even in death! Jealousy will eventually destroy you if you don’t borrow a new leaf!”

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