Usain Bolt sparks rumour he’s Illuminati member following oracular hand gestures in Rio

Usain Bolt sparks rumour he’s Illuminati member following oracular hand gestures in Rio

The fastest human of all time, Usain Bolt, has sent conspiracy theorists into a spin with his oracular hand gestures in Rio Olympics.

Some are even claiming that his track lanes add up to 666, the number of the beast, one of Illuminati symbols.
Prior to Rio Olympics, the Jamaican sprinter was known for his lightning bolt symbol. However, his hand gestures during the recently concluded Olympics have prompted speculation that the ‘triple triple’ Olympic gold medalist may have joined the Masons or the Illuminati.bolt 5

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Conspiracy theorist is suggesting that Bolt may have been performing religious rites with his weird gestures during his latest outing at the Olympic Games in Rio.

YouTuber ‘What is Real’ speculated that his hand over one eye, and also making the magic triple six sign could mean that he’s a member of secretive societies including the Freemasons and the Illuminati.

Magic triple six, and the hidden eye, which is putting one palm over one eye, are some of Illuminati symbols.
Bolt’s track number has been analysed with the commentator in the video pointing to the fact that he has now won three Olympic titles while running in lane number six, which makes 666.

On the web, some YouTubers linked Bolt to Beelzebub because of his nickname: ‘the lightning bolt’, which they say is noted in the bible to represent Satan.bolt

He was spotted in the past wearing a signet ring that appeared to bear the all seeing eye symbol, a design often worn by members of the Freemasons.
However The maker of the What is Real video, says he has only observed that Bolt displayed all the typical gestures of Masonry.

‘This is not theory, I’m not speculating and saying Usain Bolt is Illuminati.

‘But for whatever reason, for some weird, odd reason, he is displaying all the typical gestures of Masonry.’

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