Traditional worshippers advocate for public office holders taking oaths on deities

Traditional worshippers advocate for public office holders taking oaths on deities

Corruption in public offices will reduce and its effects mitigated if public office holders take oaths on deities, African Traditional Religion (ATR) worshippers told newsmen during a one-day convention to herald this year’s “Isese Day,” (Culture and Tradition Day) slated for August 26 in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

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Speaking on behalf of other devotees, the group’s chairman and Ogun monarch, Oba Ifarotimi Balogun, stated that prevailing situation in which public office holders use Bible and the Quran to take oaths has encouraged widespread corruption.

Oba Balogun frowned at Christianity and Islam, describing them as colonial religion, and blamed both religions for the economic crisis confronting the nation. He therefore, called on the government to include the deities in the swearing-in of public officers in order to curb the menace of corruption.

Urging government to recognise traditional religion, Oba Balogun canvassed for the recognition of “Isese (Culture and Tradition) Day,” in the nation’s constitution, in a way that will give certain rights and privileges to traditionalists as currently enjoyed by the two main religions in the country.

“It is high time the country recognised the importance of Olorisa/Ifa Priest. Muslim/Christian leaders consult us for the progress of the country and they have public holidays in their respective festivals.”

“For Nigeria to join the league of progressive nations like India, China, and Brazil, among others, it must do what those nations have also done by giving adequate cognisance to its culture and tradition which are its identity,” he said.

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