Edo lady, Mother of two, on the run for gay practice

OrijoReporter.com, Sweetcindy Mascot-Asiah

Controversial Benin Lady, Sweetcindy Mascot-Asiah who is on the run from her in-laws has got into another trouble with her husband having been caught in the act of same sex relationship. Orijo Reporter gathered that Sweetcindy was caught red handed by her husband making love with their host’s wife in the United States of America.

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Sweetcindy, her two daughters and husband had fled Nigeria to avoid her two daughters being circumcised. Trouble had started for the lady when her husband’s uncle, Chief Igbinedion Asiah asked her to hand her two daughters over for female circumcision which is a family practice.

Orijo Reporters gathered that, irked by her refusal to comply with his directive, Chief Asiah had in a written statement to the Police accused Sweetcindy of engaging in same sex relationship with several women in Benin, adding that there was need to circumcise her daughters so that they don’t grow up to have unbridled sexual habits like their mother.

Police source familiar with the case told our correspondent that “Sweetcindy’s uncle-In-law first reported the allegation to the Police and was asked to write a statement which he did.”

Further investigation also revealed that she has been into secret same sex practices for a long time. Her husband’s uncle who reportedly exposed these findings has promised to ensure that the police apprehend Sweetcindy whenever she steps into the country. Chief Igbinedion has also vowed to enforce the traditional rites meant to circumcise her nephew’s daughters.

However, a Police source confirmed that the case of lesbianism against Sweetcindy was reported at the Kubwa Police Station in Abuja on February 26, 2018 by Chief Igbinedion Asiah. Chief Asiah also stated in the statement to the Police that “Lesbianism or any form of gay practice is a taboo in the family and portends danger and calamity on family members. When such happens, we must perform some sacrifice to save every family member from impending danger that will befall us.”

Police source added that the Chief insisted the only way to avert the looming doom on the family was to perform sacrificial rituals for Sweetcindy and circumcise her daughters.

Sources confirmed that “she denied the allegation and said her Uncle-in-Law wanted to forcefully circumcise her daughters. She said over her dead body will that happen,” a Police source to Orijo Reporter, adding that “Mr. Mascot-Asiah also corroborated his wife’s assertion and said that his uncle is only plotting on possible ways to circumcise their daughters. Investigation into the matter is not made easy for the police as the woman, her husband and daughters had eloped to the US.”

However, matters took another twist when Mr. Mascot Asiah walked in on his wife and his friend’s wife making out in the US. Sources in the know said Mascot Asiah was shocked and alarmed at his discovery.

Afterwards, words of this discovery reached out to his uncle in Nigeria which further confirmed his earlier accusations. When contacted, Chief Asiah confirmed the story adding that Sweetcindy has not only refused to submit her daughters for the circumcision rites and herself for the cleansing rituals, she has also left her husband with their daughters.

“If my nephew had listened to me he wouldn’t be in this state now. He told this reporter that his nephew caught his wife having woman to woman sex with his friend’s wife; the same friend that is housing them in the US. It was reported also that when Mascot told his wife of the family taboo and the need to do the needful, she ran off with their daughters. Now he is in a fix.” Chief Asiah concluded.

Several efforts to get Sweetcindy or her husband Mr. Mascot Asiah for their own side of the story has proved fruitless. While the whereabouts of Sweetcindy in the US could not be confirmed; her husband has declined to speak to our correspondent even after several calls to his US number.

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