Cousin accuses relative of involvement in missing broadcaster’s death

233, Peter Tex Etim
Peter Tex Etim

A year after a broadcaster with the Cross River Broadcasting Corporation, Peter Tex Etim, went missing, his cousin, Peter James, has hinted that he has been killed with allegation that a relation of theirs had a hand in the murder.

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Peter dropped the bombshell in a tribute to the missing broadcaster he recently posted.

The post:

It’s a year today that I last saw you. Christmas day of 2018 when we spoke on WhatsApp video call to be exact. You were all smiles as always. We spoke for over 30 minutes and today those 30 minutes are all I have to hold on to. That smile is all I have to hold on to.
On the 11th of January I received the call that you had been kidnapped. Kidnapped? Peter-Tex? How? For what? The questions were many but I decided to let that go till we succeeded in getting you released – I mean others had been kidnapped before and released, so why would yours be any different. I’d planned that once you were out we would leave that town for a few months to get over the trauma. I had what I thought would have been the right thing to keep you busy and you’d forget the kidnapping ever happened.
Then one day became one week, then two weeks, then one month, then two, three and that’s been it till now.
It’ll be a year on the 11th of next month. We used the services of the DSS and State Anti-kidnapping Squad as well as other means possible to get you back but everything failed. What we thought would be a simple kidnap and release turned out to be the gravest of sins one can commit. YES!!! We know what happened. You that family member that was involved, we know. That you think you will kill such a sweet soul and have rest is impossible. You and all your cohorts will never ever find peace. You have refused to give us his body so we can give him a befitting burial. His soul will roam wherever on the face of earth you all are and torment you. It was money you wanted and you got it but still allowed him to die, so money will eternally run away from you. You will die a pauper. All the forces of this earth will work against you. Whatever your hands see to do shall never prosper. Wherever the soles of your feet tread upon shall be taken away from you. All the curses of Psalm 109 are your portion for ever.
My dearest cousin Peter-Tex, you were a perfect gentleman. Always dressed to impress. Oh that perfect smile you always had on. You had always had my back cuz. There was truly no one like you. The most peaceful man I knew. Couldn’t hurt a fly. Always so so willing to offer a helping hand.

How long should I wait? They’ve refused to tell us where they “buried” your body.

I need closure!!! Talk to me cuz………..


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