Fresh graduate commits suicide after hinting about his death on Facebook

617, Oluwamuyiwa Oluwagbemileke aka Spartacu

A fresh graduate of Electrical Engineering from Yaba College of Technology, Oluwamuyiwa Oluwagbemileke, aka Spartacu, has killed himself days after hinting about his death on Facebook.

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Twenty-seven year-old Olumiyiwa poisoned himself on Wednesday, and died barely two weeks to the commencement of his one year National Youth Service Scheme after his posts on Facebook hinted he was suicidal.

In one post he wrote, “When a man’s life is unstable, worried, downcast and destabilised, things he does right before will become wrong no matter the best he puts in. He loses focus and strength; he becomes unhappy and angry at everything even if he tries to wear a smiling face.

“Thoughts of death will come in the scene. He keeps asking the question, ‘why me?’ He becomes helpless and even if he’s among people, he still feels lonely. Life can be truly unfair.

“Advice: Never let your ugly situations weigh you down. When you notice things are not going well, check yourself before it makes you feel worried.”

In another post about an hour before he committed suicide, he wrote: “Please, help me stand by my mother. She’s the reason why I have lived this far. Thank you. To my loved ones.”

Buried on Saturday at Attah Cemetery, Yaba, friends of the deceased on Facebook have taken to his wall to mourn him.

One of them, Leji Ni’holla Daniel wrote: “Still don’t understand y u ad to commite #suicide few months after d completion of ur #programm…You should av not done dhz to ursef no matter d situation…..  #Rip #spar.”

Another,  Helen Nwankwo  posted, “Why muyiwa!!did I or any of ur loved ones who care and hv bin dere for u wronged u in any way?for u to wake up one morning and all dat came to ur mind was to take ur own life without any regards to dose who loves u unconditional.
No matter d situation or challenges, muyiwa it does not worth taken ur own life(don’t no u to evn hurt an ant talk less ur own life),do u no d pain u hv left in d heart of many known u gave up easily after u hv seen urslf tru d rough stages in life

“Muyiwa we chatted Wednesday night as usually, u nva told me u hv such tot in mind,apart from d work issues u said u were hvin which I always tell u to trust God dat beta job awaits u after service
Muyiwa we were preparin on how to get ready in case we fall in stream 1. Why muyiwa u nva said gudbye,who z gonna call me “hey mama”, send me beautiful morning megs or tell me how much he kias every nights.
“Am still with heavy heart and tears as I write dis ,plz God let him rest in perfect peace,forgive d manner in which he took his life but consider his good deeds on earth.”
Alade Olawumi Oluwasegun‎, another of the deceased’s friends on Facebook posted, “Egbon I was shocked when I heard about ur death, i could remember I was with ur mum last week Thursday discussing about ur NYSC registration.. No matter what you should not have “DONE THAT” After all you passed through in life. Dere re elders you could share your worries with. Muyis as I do call you, ur death was a great blow to ur family, friends and relatives.. Spartacus as ur friends do call you, we gonna miss you.. WE LOVE YOU BUT GOD LOVES YOU MOST… “SLEEP WELL” 😭”YOU WILL FOREVER REMAIN IN MY HEART.”

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