OJB Jezreel’s Death: Phoning me was like checking up on a pal on death row, says Broadcaster battling Kidney disease

OJB Jezreel’s Death: Phoning me was like checking up on a pal on death row, says Broadcaster battling Kidney disease

Broadcaster and host of music talk-show, The Gist on music and lifestyle channel, HipTV, Emma Ugolee, who has been battling kidney disease in the last four years, has said that he received several phone-calls after his colleague in the entertainment industry, OJB Jezreel passed away on Tuesday, June 14, 2016.

Ugolee who expressed his confidence that he would survived the kidney disease in a post on his facebook page, said his phone was bombarded with calls by his friends and family after OJB Jezreel’s death.

He likened his well-wishers’ phone-calls to “checking on a pal on a death row.”


The post:” Too many phone calls yesterday with everyone just checking to see how I was doing.

“It all made sense when news filtered in that OJB had just died from a disease I’ve battled with for over 4years now.

“The general concern being the psychologic(sic) impact of being reminded of the likelihood of one’s demise thanks to the unpredictable & deadly nature of living without a functional kidney.

“For closer friends, aware that I had lost many associates to this struggle. 3 being in the last 3months, and that each one lived with issues less complicated than mine, calling me was like checking up on a pal on death row. Lolemma 4

Now it was time to return the calls and assure every single one that the unfortunate event is no reason to loose(sic) faith. It’s no proof that I must toe a similar line. That I am not holier than any whose journeys have ended and thus wise enough to understand that logic does not explain the sustaining power of grace.

“The fact that a pattern surrounds you, does not mean your future has been moulded(sic) by it.

“Your faith, your vision, aspiration & motivation must tower above your environment all the time. That explains why people make it out of the ghetto.

“Beating the odds posed by environment has always been so for all of the great men you know.

“Events around your predecessors must not define your journey.

“A good example is the story of the Brazilian footballer Neymar.

“From a land where the world’s greatest footballers hail from. Logic would say it can’t get better than Pele, Zicco, Bebeto and Ronaldo for him. They had pretty much sealed the bar where they set it. Dooming any follow up act as staying under their shadows.

“Neymar didn’t allow the fame of his predecessors eclipse his believe to do better and break new records.

“And just that, he has done. Tiped to join R.Madrid @ 14, he scored his 100th professional goal on his 20th birthday and is still the only Brazilian athlethe in history to make the cover of Time magazine.

“What around you shakes your faith in you? What around you weakens your resolve to try breaking new grounds? What tempts you to want to conform to playing out a predictable script?….. Nothing!!!! Should be the only answer you know.

“So if you want to think achieving Hollywood as a Nollywood player, please think it. If you think family trends would end with you, please believe it.

“Believe in the uniqueness of your path. Do not be spinning around the world. With faith, take a stand and watch the world adjust – Emma Ugolee

(Originally inspired by late Muna Ibekwe)”


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