Obasanjo’s in-law, Kenny Martins, wants amnesty for corrupt politicians

Obasanjo’s in-law, Kenny Martins, wants amnesty for corrupt politicians

Former chairman of Police Equipment Foundation (PEF), and ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo’s brother in-law, Chief Kenny Martins, has advocated amnesty for corrupt politicians to boost the economy.

Chief Kenny Martins gave the advice in an interview he granted New Telegraph where he dismissed insinuation that President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption war was selective.

“The fight against corruption has to start from somewhere. When Obasanjo was president, he was accused of taking on the PDP governors, which happens to be the party in power then. Now, APC has come to power and it is taking on PDP personalities and governors.

“PDP should go and strategise and get power back, and take on the APC members who are not being tried now. The four years of APC ruling will soon elapse. What is important is that, we have started the fight against corruption from somewhere; not starting it at all is the problem.

“With the fight against corruption, I have seen that so many people that want to do business with government are very careful nowadays, even the civil servants are very careful. Even those in the private sector are also doing business with much carefulness.

“What is important is to take on some people. APC won’t be in government forever, when another party comes to power, let them take care of any APC member that is corrupt. I don’t think we should worry about that,” he said.

A politician cum businessman, Chief Martins, however, condemned President Buhari’s approach in the fight against corruption.

He said: “I believe that the approach to the corruption fight itself is defective. I believe there should have been a kind of amnesty on corruption. Other countries like Malaysia did it when they wanted to do a turn around. They called on all the corrupt people and told them to release 60 per cent of what they have stolen and take 40 per cent and urged them to invest the 40 per cent given to them in the country.

“Now that they have been in court with late General Sani Abacha family, how much have they recovered? All these money you are talking about, is it possible to recover them? It is not possible, because the countries where the funds are kept are not willing to return them.

“The money has already been invested in their system, they are only waiting for the investment to mature and return the interest they made from it. That is why we are just getting the Abacha loot now.

“So, the money we are looking for are already invested in those countries and no matter what you tell them, they won’t return the money, they always find one excuse or the other.

“But if the person that saved the money in their account says ‘I want my money back’ that is a different case, but this one you have to wait for conviction and it takes a long time.

“You can stop the stealing from now, but the one that has been stolen, you need to be creative in other to recover them. If we get the stolen money, it will turn the economy around for better. It takes two to tango, the countries where the money are kept are interested in taking the money from them.”

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