Obasanjo is an irresponsible father – Ex-wife


Ex-wife of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Taiwo Obasanjo Martins, says the former President shirked his responsibilities as a father to the point that he didn’t pay some of his children’s school fees.

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Taiwo who has two children with Obasanjo, said his first daughter, Senator Iyabo Obasanjo, gave a fair assessment of the ex-President in the 11-page letter to him in 2013 where she accused her father of cruelty to family members, abandonment of children and grandchildren, and also, a legendary reputation of maltreatment of women.

She wrote: “The great man is he who does not lose his child’s heart.” Her letter: “It brings me no joy to have to write this but since you started this trend of open letters I thought I would follow suit since you don’t listen to anyone anyway. The only way to reach you may be to make the public aware of some things. As a child well brought up by my long-suffering mother in Yoruba tradition, I have been reluctant to tell the truth about you but as it seems you still continue to delude yourself about the kind of person you are and I think for posterity’s sake it is time to set the records straight. “I will return to the issue of my long-suffering mother.”


In an interview with Punch, Taiwo hinted that the ex-military ruler was an irresponsible father.

“He doesn’t spend money on his children. He doesn’t. You work and you earn salary. He doesn’t give them a life of luxury. When I sent my son to England for his university education, he said I must return him to Nigeria. He didn’t pay a penny on his university education; I did, throughout. After his graduation, my son said he would prefer to remain in England and not return to his dad, but in 2010, Chief Obasanjo brought him back to Nigeria, against my son’s will, to stay with him and work for him. He transferred him to his Calabar farm. Chief Obasanjo sold his Calabar farm unceremoniously and after that went all out to impoverish my son.”

The distraught mother also told the paper that her eldest child, Olujuwon, was missing and his marriage on the rock despite a rebuttal of the claim via a statement credited to the son.

“The statement that was released was not by my son. The father could have written it in his name. He’s still running away from the wife and his father. They should let him come out to say what he’s going through but Chief Olusegun Obasanjo doesn’t want the whole world to know the marriage is not working because of his big name and status.”

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