Nigerian-British born, Babs Arogundade who is serving 27-year in prison for drug trafficking poses with £3k Rolex and Versace bling

OrijoReporter,com, Babs Arogundade

A Nigerian-British born drug lord, Babs Arogundade, who is serving 27 years in prison in the UK, has flouted prison rules after he sported the Datejust watch in defiance of a ban on bling in prison.

Babs Arogundade, who also wore a £3,000 Rolex gold (about N1m) in jail is also shown in a vintage silk shirt, trousers and medallion all by ¬design guru Versace in pictures taken on a camera phone, which is equally banned in prison.

According to reports the pictures were sent from an undisclosed jail to a pal and posted on Instagram under the slogan “Free BP” – a reference to Arogundade’s nickname.

Before Babs Arogundade was convicted last year of conspiracy to supply drugs and possession of firearms, the 29-year-old owned a Bentley, lived a life of luxury and regularly splashed out thousands of pounds on champagne and expensive jewellery including diamond-encrusted Rolex watches.


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