Muslim group threatens to sue Falz over ‘This is Nigeria’ video


A Muslim group, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has threatened to sue musician, Falz the Bahd Guy, over the video of his new single, ‘This is Nigeria’.

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In the video that has become controversial, a person who dressed like a Fulani man abandons his traditional guitar to behead a man. So also a group of women in Hijab is seen dancing trending street dance, ‘shaku-shaku’.

The scenes, according to MURIC in statement released by the group’s Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, denigrated Islam and its adherents.

Akintola urged the musician to withdraw the contentious video within seven days adding that it could cause religious war.

He wrote: “This video has the potential of causing religious crisis of unprecedented dimension. We therefore demand its withdrawal and an apology to Nigerian Muslims within seven days.”

“This video has denigrated Islam, demonised Nigerian Muslims and subjected them to public opprobrium,” he said.

Akintola added: “MURIC rejects Falz’ explanation that the girls in hijab in his ‘Shaku Shaku’ dance symbolised the Chibok girls.

According to him: “Nothing in the video indicated that they represent the Chibok girls, especially as none of the Chibok girls had been seen dancing like a drunkard.”

He said the Chibok girls are always in pensive mood, and have no cause to be dancing, because they are not happy.

Meanwhile, another Muslim group, Muslims Against Terror, has hit out at MURIC over the video in a statement signed by one Brother Issa Ibrahim.

The statement read: Our attention has been brought to a Press release by MURIC director Professor Ishaq Akintola, in which he attacked a recent video by artist Falz and gave a “legal action” ultimatum on it.

“In clear contradiction to what MURIC’s Professor Ishaq Akintola claimed, Islam or Muslim was NEVER mentioned in the video and the veil is not owned by Islam but worn by anyone who so feels, hopefully to the pleasure of Muslims and worn by Nuns and sometimes forcibly doused by terrorists on their captors as happened in the Chibok case. Where did Ishaq see Islam or Muslim in this video?
Will Ishaq and his MURIC not be happy if all Nigerian music and film videos enjoin on the ladies involved to wear veils? Did Ishaq prefer watching the ladies in the video dressed in body hugging mini skirts and shaking their bountiful parts?

“Was this subvert threat of a possible repeat of radical and meaningless, unjustified violence by misguided Islamists in the past, a means of merely defending the Buhari administration possibly negatively affected by the viral video and defending Fulani herder-related terrorism by attempting to present the video as religiously provocative? The video was not.

“If at all the video provoked any religion it was the Christian faith, by ridiculing pastors casting out demons via grabbing female breasts, and also laying direct attacks at pastors involved in the establishment of universities which their congregations cannot attend.”

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