Lady whose friends announced her death arrested with boyfriend after resurfacing  


The controversy surrounding the purported ‘death’ of one Margaret Ikumu, has taken a new twist.

The 20-year-old had been said to have died by her friends: Marvellous Mary and Nneka Buddy. They notified her family via Facebook and posted the ‘burial’ on WhatSapp much to the dissatisfaction of the ‘bereaved’ who in turn petitioned Commissioner of Police in Lagos State.

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In the petition, the family asked the authorities to launch investigation into the reported death of Margaret with the view to unravel the circumstances surrounding it even as they suspected foul play with imputation of Marvellous and Buddy using her for ritual.

But the latest twist is that Margaret has resurfaced, according to one Facebook user, Angela Tony Iji, who broke the news in the first place.

Tony in the latest post, said the whole thing reeked of conspiracy between the trio saying in part: “Our findings show that the whole thing was a deliberate conspiracy by Margaret in connivance with her friends to stage-manage a fake story of her death to cause confusion in her immediate family and the larger society for whatever reason best known to them.

“Till now, we have not been able to extract from her, the reasons for her action because she is still largely incommunicado even though she has affirmed that she is alive.”

Tony’s post however, threw up another twist culminating in altercation between him and another Facebook user, one Ikechukwu Mkpuluma , who claimed Margaret has been arrested alongside her boyfriend for faking her death in order to dupe her employer.

Mkpuluma wrote: “Why is it that you people don’t verify news before posting this is very terrible, the said girl is a house help who connived with the boy friend to rip off the family she serves for no reason a family that is mourning the death of their mother . I know this family very well and I have advised them to press charges accordingly,”

Replying to the post, Angela Tony Iji fired:  “Is it logical that she would connive with a boyfriend to rip off a family she’s still with without discussing money through out the movie? What has her own faked death got to do with another’s? So you think in this technological era, the culprits will fake some else’s daughters death, with what motive behind the act and then the said girl who is not born by a human being to raise questions, time shall tell who is fooling who.”

Their subsequent exchange below:

Ikechukwu Mkpuluma The news you posted has done damages to the character of the fair lady in the picture who is a medical doctor and whom the house help stays with . Verify every information you post sir never assume , assumption is dangerous

Angela Tony Iji This same fake news you’re referring to will unravel the mystery and this case will not be swept under the carpet. Times shall tell

Ikechukwu Mkpuluma Angela Tony Iji madam very funny how people dabble into story they know nothing about , there is no case any were the police has arrested the girl and the boy friend 2nights ago .

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