JOSRAC – A Multi-Functional School Management System Branded to ease Nigeria Educational system

JOSRAC - A Multi-Functional School Management System Branded to ease Nigeria Educational system
JOSRAC - A Multi-Functional School Management System Branded to ease Nigeria Educational system

JOSRAC – A Multi-Functional School Management System Branded to ease Nigeria Educational system

In Nigeria today, it appears to be the case that various testing agencies are failing to consider the dilemma of validity and reliability in the assessment and measurement procedures especially at the secondary level of education. Quite often, validity is sacrificed for reliability and this (mistake) usually results in measures being only concerned with the precision of scores rather than the intellectual value of the challenges. Being concerned only with the precision of candidates’ scores, does not or in a very little form, tell us whether such candidates have the capacities to use wisely what knowledge they have acquired or the same knowledge is to short account our educational objectives especially in a pluralistic and diverse society as Nigeria. Hence to ensure the validity and reliability of learner’s grade, capability, mental/ intellectual values general results, class attendance, school records and overall school management is the need for JOSRAC


JOSRAC is an advance, complete, highly efficient, multipurpose,  flexible, portable, robust, user friendly, highly secured and perfect  solution for all school management and administration. JOSRAC was  carefully designed and developed to simplify how school manage and  administer their schools activities in a more smarter and amazing way.

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It is a new exciting and innovative school management system which was developed and designed by Infinite Tiias Ltd. Unlike every other management tool that are available on the market right now, JOSRAC has been specifically designed to help each and every schools monitor activities around their premises from teaching staffs to student with the best interest of the school management team in mind. With this new and more improved management system in place, your school is guaranteed safety, security and efficiency of records


JOSRAC has been carefully designed to meet every schools need from online registration, taking records, generating results, taking attendance and lots more. Since we are in a world of Information Technology which is rapidly taking over, it won’t be a very smart decision not to make the most of this opportunity to come up with a smarter way of getting the job done. our main objective is to create programs that will help solve problems and not add to them”. That is why we have taken our time making research and findings picking out areas we could actually affect institutions positively to help them carry out their daily routine with ease and efficiency.

The main objectives of JOSRAC:

  1. To Provide Better Student Services with Integrated Student Portal.
  2. To leverage the power of computer technology and the freedom of web technology.
  3. To empower students through expanded and unlimited access to up-to-date information relating to their studies, online enrollment for classes, academic record and performance review.
  4. To Maximize Resource Allocation and Increase Productivity in the school.
  5. To Ensure Accurate Information for Better Decisions.
  6. To provide parents with quick access to view their child’s profile, schedule, report card, attendance  history, academic performances and status of class completion and keep them up to date.
  7. To provide a solution to some problems in schools for subject planning and evaluation of teachers in given time, and to meet the education system requirements.
  8. To improve the quality of education and students achievement with outcome based education.



 JOSRAC was designed for all schools in Nigeria and abroad to make school management stress-free or tranquil we have achieved this by taking a strenuous look at “School Management” and focused on the more complex part.

The fundamental idea behind JOSRAC is to help improve the old school management system, to meet up with the new era of technology.

We do know that change is difficult but at the same time inevitable that is why INFINITE TIIAS LTD has implemented this new system to be as easy as possible.

JOSRAC has been developed with the sole purpose of the users in mind which means anyone who has access to it can easily navigate their way around the program without the help of a computer scientist on hand for direction. JOSRAC is a high level school management system, which will continuously be there for institution’s helping them monitor each and every activity that they may encounter.

At first we emerged as e-result, which only made it possible for student to check grade and result online, this went on for years with lot of reviews and feedback’s, then with our new innovation it has been modified to a new software called JOSRAC. This new update made it to meet up standards as a school management system which is not limited to student grade and result only, but can do many more such as;

⦁       keeping record of all students in school

⦁       Creating simple online profile for each and every student

⦁       Keeping record of all teachers and their activities

⦁       Creating online profile for all teachers individually

⦁       Marking Students attendance electronically

⦁       Accurate Calculation of Student attendance (weekly/termly)

  •     Customizable student result

⦁       Administrative Panel for Admins and Teachers

⦁       Customizable Student Result Inter


Online library

The School librarian can easily automate; manage their school library, books stationery (eBooks and hard copy). Students can apply for books & it will be approved by the librarian. Books & students library history are recorded too.

Auto principal comments

JOSRAC automatically generates principal comments & signature in student grade sheet. Grades awarded are based on student result & performance. It reduces the time, energy resources normally use to comment & sign grade books

School Population

It helps the school management to ascertain the school & class’s population; staffs strength etc. school management can also ascertain the number of male and female in school or classes too.

Bulk excel student registration

This allows school mgt. & staffs to upload bulk registration of unlimited students using Excel. Student records can also be exported in Excel format to enable school staffs effects some changes & re upload it back.

Daily roll call & Comments

Student’s daily attendance and comments module allows school admin to record students /parents/guardian/admins through their various dashboard. This features help to encourage, and motivate students to do better.

Tuition payment /Scratch Cards

Students or parents can pay online for their tuition and other fees using their ATM/Debit cards or using school customized scratch card issue to them by school banks or bursary.

Robust search engine

JOSRAC flexible and robust search engine helps the school authority to search student’s records, result transcript, staff records, admin records etc with so much ease.

SMS Module

SMS module helps school management to send or broadcast information or students result to student /guardian parents phone numbers. School management can also broadcast SMS information to their staff’s phone numbers too using this module.

Automated lock screen

JOSRAC automatically lock its screen and log users out after some minutes of inactivity by the user, of which the user is required to enter their correct password before they can use JOSRAC App. again. This module helps to checkmate authorized use of users account by another user.

Companion Wall & Email Box

Companion wall helps students & school management, to socialize & share information among their selves. Hence, the email box module also helps students & school mgt. to easily send & receive message in their inbox.

Exam time table –COMING SOON

School timetable can easily be broadcasted by school authority online. Meanwhile, school, students, guardian, parents can easily access this information through their respective dashboards.

School Events –COMING SOON

School events module helps to broadcast and notifies student/guardians/parents/ about school coming up events.

Multi Users Dashboard

JOSRAC allow multi users with different privileges. Students, parents, bursary, librarian, school heads etc have their own privileges, access limit & unique dashboard.

Technical support & Backup

JOSRAC team offers 24hoursamazing support system to help our esteem client at their various point of need. More so, we offer 24hours backups using icloud technology.

100% Responsive Layout

JOSRAC is 100% responsive and can easily fit or resize in any device like phones, computers, tablets etc with so much ease.

Real Time Online Lectures

This unique App allows a live and online lecture whereby teachers can deliver his/her lesson life to the learners and as well enables them to learn at their various location or comfort zone simultaneously.


Reading online is one of the vital features consisted in this great software, students/learners are able to read books and as well peruse their textbooks online with ease


School’s logo, stamp, principal’s auto-comment, principal’s signature, and report sheet background color can be set up as desired by the school management.


Schools are able to possess their own web page, which will consist a set of data or information about their schools thereby relating them to the society and as well make them stay connected to the World Wide Web.

And Many Other Features

JOSRAC has so many other outstanding features. Please see a demo here.

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