Idiagbon told me solution to Nigeria was to kill him & 99 others – OBJ’s-in-law Martins


Brother-in-law to ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo, Chief Kenny Martins, has spoken of a shocking tete-a-tete he and former military Vice-President, late Major-General Tunde Idiagbon, had in the early stage of late Sani Abacha’s administration.

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Martins, the National Coordinator and founder of the defunct Police Equipment Foundation (PEF), dropped a bombshell saying he was once told by late Idiagbon in confidence that the only solution to Nigeria’s intractable problem was to exterminate him(Idiagbon) and ninety-nine others in an interview with The Sun.


Let me tell you a story, it is part of the book that I am writing now. In 1993/94, there was an issue in this country where it was so clear that the four foremost leaders then were going to fight themselves to a standstill, possibly kill themselves and put Nigeria into confusion in the process (I am talking of General Abacha, General Diya, General Obasanjo, and General Yar’Adua). Myself and my justice friend that died few months ago, we went to my sister to tell him that the wahala (problem) that is coming will destroy Nigeria and I said except we do something to mitigate the situation on the face-off that they will kill themselves and drag Nigeria down with them.

It was during the battle of transition, to announce the transition and the support of the government of Abacha.  I went round to all of them, IBB, OBJ, etc; but upon my visit to General Idiagbon…I want to build the foundation to answer your question on how we can have a solution, I told Idiagbon, sir, this is a problem we foresee and this is the solution that we are suggesting so that we can have peace in Nigeria.

General Idiagbon said, young man, your ideas are very good, I wonder why you have not been part of us, you have not held power, you have not had a contract and you are doing all this for the sake of salvaging Nigeria. He asked me: but why do you waste your time? He said he will give me the solution. He said I will give you a list of 100 names, including myself; put us at the Bar Beach and eliminate us and the problems of Nigeria will be over. He said if you do that you will solve Nigeria’s problem. He said that is what he is recommending and the problem will stop.

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