I once told my father about killing him – Kola Abiola  


Son of the late businessman mogul and politician, MKO Abiola, Kola, has given eyewitness’ account of some events that happened behind-the-scene in the wake of his father’s ‘ill-fated’ political sojourn.

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Going down the memory lane, Kola who had privileged information about some events that went on underground,  unmasked them, including how his father defied his advice not to declare himself as the president after the June 12 annulment, a declaration that precipitated his arrest by the Sani Abacha led-military junta.

“When the issue of declaring himself president came up, I told him it was not a good idea but that if he insisted, he should make sure that every single person who suggested it to him would all be physically present when the declaration was made. I told him to announce his cabinet and let all of those cabinet members be there with him while he made his declaration. I told him that if they were not willing to do this, it tells us that something is wrong. He said okay, so I went home. The next thing I heard was that he was on his way there; then I knew that there was a problem,” he told The Sun.

The 56-year-old also related that during the struggle he once advice his father against taking refuge at the American embassy when the family got wind of purported plan to arrest the deceased, saying in order to convince him he(Kola) told him that even if he (Kola) killed him, people would believe Ibrahim Babangida was behind the murder.

According to him, “There was a particular day that we got supposedly credible information that they were going to raid the house and arrest him and the idea was for him to go to the American embassy to take refuge. When I was told about the plan to arrest him, I said, well, he is in his house; let us see what will happen, but my family members felt I wasn’t taking the issue very seriously. They said they wanted him to go to the American embassy and I asked why. I couldn’t convince anybody that it was a set up. So, we got ready for him to go to the embassy and when I saw lots of people around him, I then asked that if we are going to the embassy, why the convoy? I told them to leave him to me that I would personally drive him there.

“On our way, I told him that the whole set-up didn’t seem right because if I shot him there, people wouldn’t blame me, they would blame IBB. So, in order not to trivialise the issue, he should come and stay in my house. He agreed and we headed back to Anthony, where I lived, and he spent the night in my house. The following morning, all the papers carried reports that he was at the American embassy and my father told me that I was right that the entire American embassy thing was a set-up.”

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