The death of Uchenna Ogbu, who was a medical student in Nnamdi Azikwe University has left scores of his friends on Facebook bereaved.

The 24-year-old died from high degree burns, he sustained from cooking gas explosion, and was buried on Saturday in his home town, Enugu.

A look at tributes that continue to pour in on his Facebook page revealed that Ambassador as he was fondly called will be missed sorely.
Facebook user, Obizodolu Uche wrote an interesting narrative about him and the deceased.uchenna 2

He said, “Uche, so finally it’s true you are gone? I never wanted to do this because I never believed it’s true, how I wish I could change your fate, this would never be your fate, even if u were to die, it would have never be such a painful death like this, but since I am in no position to change your fate, I had to accept it the way God wants it.

“I am writing this with eyes full of tears, heart full of sorrow & mind full of anger because u left me with no choice, who will I call “my name sake” again, & who will ever call me Ogbom “name sake”again? You were my very best friend right from child hood though we parted long time ago, but each time we chart, we still talk & behave as if we are still kids the way we used to do when we were in primary school, we eat together, play together.

“I remembered how we used to pruge(sic) mangos on our way to the stream where we feach)sic) water those days, I remembered when they used to call u “Uche enu” and call me “Uche ani” just because u lived up stairs and I lived down stairs just to differentiate our names in our yard, we got each others back until in that faithful primary 4 when I failed the class and my parents said that I should repeat the class 4 just because I was not intelligent & hard working like u, that was the only time we gave each other a little gap in school but at home we are still twin brothers from a different mothers.

“How I wish could make that old days to become now, I will never part from u again because u thought me almost all the things I knew now, u thought me how to read my books & work hard in my studies, u are the one that made me took my studies dame(sic) serious. Uc(sic) but now u left me with a very strange feelings that kept me asking myself “is this life is worth living ?

“Sometimes I was tempted to ask God “why you? Why must it be you now that u have almost achieved what u ever wanted to become in future?

“Sometimes I even doubted if this is the will of God too, but no one questions God so let thy will be done for I know that He the Lord has a better place for you in heaven. R.I.P bro, u were the best, u left an indelectable(sic) joy in the lives of everyone u met in the journey of live.

“I never forget our old days bro, I will never forget our primary school life in Central school Amawbia and our secondary school life in Comprehensive secondary school Nowfia.
“U had a lot to offer to the world but u never got the chance to do that anymore, I now know that nothing in this world is worth for, even life. Like ur bbm update once said that “sometimes you just have to stop trying and let it go”.

“I have to let u go until we meet again to part no more, but till then may your soul rest in perfect peace Amen. Adieu uchenna Ogbu, Adieu Ambassador.”

Another Facebook friend, Austin Stephen said of the deceased, “Back in my days of Children’s Parliament ,Anambra chapter, you were a figure that expressed the love of brotherhood, even though we were not from the same L.G.A and didn’t knew(sic) before, but the little and short time i had with you, said it all; a person of good heart. So kind and down to earth. R.I.P my honourable Ambassador.”

Accompanied by a picture he last took with Late Uche during his lifetime, another friend, Pascal Unanah wrote, “How will i knw(sic) this will be our last encounter in Awka Urchman ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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