Study reveals Beer helps prevent heart attack

Study reveals Beer helps prevent heart attack

A scientific study has revealed that moderate beer drinking helps to prevent heart attack, and stroke while heavy drinkers are at greater risk of heart problems in the long-term.

A team from world renowned authority on neurology, IRCCS Mediterranean Neurological Institute, Pozzilli, Italy, said that alcohol reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke and artery disease after reviewing 150 studies, according to Daily Mail.

In the report by the British tabloid: A beer a day keeps a heart attack at bay, it was said that drinking 1.4 pints or two 330ml cans protects the heart without increasing the odds of dementia or cancers as beer is known to contains high level of antioxidants – compounds which mop up harmful chemicals thought to cause heart attacks.

Corroborating the Italian neurological institute’s team, a professor of Human Nutrition with the department of human nutrition, University of Ibadan, Prof. Tola Atinmo, at the Bloggers Beer Academy, an awareness programme on the health benefits of moderate beer drinking for online journalists, said beer contained folic acid, which offers some protection against coronary heart-diseases through homocysteine.

Beer is packed with nutrition – Prof of Nutrition

“Moderate intake of beer is beneficial to heart health because it contains folic acid. So also silicon for strong bone mineral density, and antioxidants for protection against many forms of cancer.

“92% of beer is water and can count as part of the recommended 8 glasses of water per day but should not be a substitute for water,” he advised.
Dismissing the popular belief that beer causes belly bloat, Prof. Atinmo said, “beer alone does not give one a ‘beer belly’ as it is called.

“Beer belly is caused by too many calories in an individual’s diet, from over-eating, sugary food and beverages, and a sedentary life style.

“More calories are ingested than what is burned. The excess is stored in the body as fat. Fat is stored more in the belly by men, hence the prevalence of beer belly in them.”

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